Oman Gasket Factory (OGF) opened a New manufacturing facilities at Nizwa Industrial Estate in Sultanate of Oman, is a group company under the flagship of the engineering group Dohat Al Khaleej LLC (DAK), established in 1997, Corporate headquarters is located in Muscat with 6 - satellite offices strategically placed for best services to our customers. During intervening years, DAK GROUP has expanded into many other fields of operation that has led to its present status as a wide spectrum of Construction, Contracting, Commercial and Manufacturing Group of Companies / Divisions.

Oman Gasket Factory (OGF) is the first of its kind within the Oman to manufacture and provide high quality of Industrial Gaskets (metallic, semi-metallic & soft) on prestigious brand name of “Oman Gasket”.

OGF approved as an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified, with factory area of 30,730 ft ² and production capacity of 2 tons/ day / shift (3000 pcs/day/shift), this facility will allow OGF/DAK to meets its domestic share as well as Middle east markets.

Gaskets are used to create a static seal between two stationary members of a mechanical assembly and to maintain that seal under operating conditions which may vary dependent upon changes in pressures and temperatures. If it were possible to have perfectly mated flanges and if it were possible to maintain an intimate contact of these perfectly mated flanges thought the extremes of operating conditions, a gasket would not be required. This is virtually an impossibility either because of the size of the vessel and/or the flanges, the difficulty in maintaining such extremely smooth flange finishes during handling and assembly and Corrosion and erosion of the flanges surfaces during operations.

The OGF Engineering Department can be contacted directly through the website / locally for the engineering help online services. Simply enter your application information and present gasket issue, which will be reviewed by our staff of production & design engineers and we will make recommendations based on upon our vast knowledge and experience.

Our strength of service network in Oman through, DAK engineering satellite site Offices located in Yibal, Qarn Alam, Mukhazina, Fahud, Nizwa & Sohar.

Our “State-of-the-art” production facilities to produce Spiral Wound Gaskets with or without inner and outer rings from ½” to 20” (larger sizes upon request) Nominal Pipe sizes and Pressure classes from 150 LB to 2500 LB, Temperature ranges from -50ºC to 600ºC as per ASME 16.20, B.S or DIN Standards. Sheet cut Gaskets from Expanded Graphite, Non Asbestos, Rubber, PTFE & Vegetable Fiber materials from ½” to 102” NPS, Pressure class from 150 LB to 600 LB, Temperature range -50ºC to 600ºC (other pressure classes, materials, temp. ranges upon request).

All gaskets shall be manufactured and supplied according to national and international standards such as ASME B 16.20, ASME B 16.21, API, BS 3381, JIS, DIN, and as per customer requirements.

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